Family-based Immigration

I-130 Family-based Petitions for Visas and "Green Cards"

The I-130 Family-based Petition serves as a cornerstone in sponsoring a family member for immigration to the United States. This process involves establishing the familial relationship between the petitioner and beneficiary, which may vary based on factors such as spousal or parental connections. Our experienced attorneys meticulously assist clients in compiling necessary documentation and completing the form accurately, ensuring a seamless application process. Requirements for filing an I-130 petition vary depending on the relationship, necessitating documentation such as birth and marriage certificates to substantiate legitimacy. Once documentation is gathered, our dedicated team guides clients through completing and submitting Form I-130 to USCIS, ensuring precision for approval and remaining accessible throughout the process to address any queries or concerns.

"K-1" Fiancé Visa

The K-1 Fiancé Visa serves as a pivotal pathway for the entry of a foreign national engaged to a U.S. citizen into the United States for marriage, ultimately leading to lawful permanent residency. Acknowledging the visa's profound significance in uniting couples, our firm provides unwavering support throughout the multifaceted application process. To qualify, both the petitioner and beneficiary must substantiate a genuine relationship and intent to marry within 90 days of entry, often supported by communication records, photos, and affidavits. Our comprehensive assistance includes preparing and submitting Form I-129F to USCIS, guiding clients through subsequent steps such as medical examinations and visa interviews, and ensuring all requirements are met, thereby providing comprehensive support to surmount potential challenges.

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