Deportation/Removal Defense

Asylum (Affirmative or Defensive Claims)

We offer comprehensive assistance to individuals seeking asylum, whether through affirmative or defensive claims. Our experienced attorneys guide clients through the asylum application process, advocating for their rights and presenting compelling evidence to support their claims of persecution.

Withholding of Removal

Our firm assists clients in pursuing withholding of removal, a form of relief for individuals who can demonstrate a clear probability of persecution or torture if returned to their home country.

Relief under CAT (Convention Against Torture)

We provide legal representation to individuals seeking protection under the CAT, ensuring that their cases are thoroughly evaluated and presented before the immigration authorities.

Adjustment of Status

Our firm helps eligible individuals navigate the process of adjusting their immigration status to U.S. lawful permanent resident (“greencard”) status, providing guidance and advocacy every step of the way.

212(c) Waiver for Lawful Permanent Residents

We assist individuals in applying for a 212(c) waiver, which may allow them to avoid deportation based on certain criminal convictions.

212(h) Waiver

Our firm helps individuals seeking a 212(h) waiver to overcome grounds of inadmissibility based on criminal convictions or other factors.

Cancellation of Removal

We advocate for clients facing removal proceedings to seek cancellation of removal, a form of relief that may allow certain individuals to remain in the United States.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

Our firm assists minors who have been subjected to abuse, neglect, or abandonment in applying for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, providing them with a pathway to lawful permanent residency.

Voluntary Departure

We help individuals facing deportation explore the option of voluntary departure, allowing them to leave the country voluntarily and potentially avoid certain negative consequences associated with removal orders.

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