Expediting and Reinstatement of Cases


Expediting and Reinstatement of Cases

We offer legal services for expediting and reinstating cases to move certain cases forward, shorten processing times, and deliver the desired immigration solutions ensuring timely progress and resolution.
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Humanitarian Parole

Grants temporary entry to the United States for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit when individuals do not qualify for other visas. This is a discretionary solution, typically for limited periods, and for specific purposes such as medical treatment or family emergencies.

Humanitarian Reinstatement of Revoked Petitions

Allows certain beneficiaries to request reinstatement of their revoked immigrant petitions based on humanitarian grounds, providing relief for circumstances beyond their control. It is designed to address severe hardship or extraordinary circumstances, enabling them to continue their immigration process for U.S. lawful permanent residency.

204(l) Relief for Surviving Relatives

Provides a pathway for certain surviving relatives of deceased petitioners to continue their immigration process for U.S. lawful permanent residency. This provision allows eligible beneficiaries to retain their priority date and immigrant visa classification despite the petitioner's death, ensuring continuity in their immigration journey.

Writs of Mandamus

Writs of Mandamus are legal remedies sought from federal courts to compel government agencies to fulfill their statutory duties. This tool is used when agencies unreasonably delay or refuse to act on pending immigration applications or petitions. Writs of Mandamus essentially force agencies to process cases that have been unreasonably delayed, ensuring timely consideration of immigration matters.

Congressional Assistance

The U.S. government processing times for certain immigration petitions and applications sometimes exceed the generally acceptable time frames, even as stated by the U.S. government itself. In such cases, on behalf of our clients, our law firm successfully contacts and secures the assistance of federal politicians to move these delayed cases forward for a final decision for our clients.

Premium Processing

The U.S. immigration process is long and complicated. In certain cases, if it helps our clients’ immigration strategy, we will prepare and file with USCIS the necessary premium processing requests, for certain immigration petitions and applications, benefitting our clients.

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