Temporary Work Visas


Temporary Work Visas

We provide an extensive range of non-immigrant visas tailored to accommodate business owners, investors, executives, professionals, artists, athletes, skilled workers, and leaders in their respective fields, facilitating temporary stay and employment, as well as, in some cases, serving as a pathway to obtaining immigrant visas or greencard status. Our comprehensive services encompass various visa categories, including:
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"A" and "G" Visas for Diplomats and Foreign Government/Organization Officials

These visas are designated for diplomats, government officials, and their immediate family members travelling to the United States on official business.

"B-1" Business Visitor Visa

Allows individuals to enter the United States temporarily for business purposes, such as attending meetings, conferences, or negotiating contracts.

"E-1" Treaty Trader Visa

Enables individuals from countries with treaties of commerce and navigation with the United States to engage in substantial trade between the two nations.

"E-2" Treaty Investor/Essential Employee Visa

Allows individuals from treaty countries to invest a substantial amount of capital in a U.S. business or manage an investment enterprise.

"E-3" Australian Professional Visa

Specifically reserved for Australian nationals seeking to work in a specialty occupation in the United States.

"H-1B" Professional Work Visa

Intended for foreign professionals in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise.

"H-1B1" Singaporean Professional Visa

Similar to the H-1B visa, but specifically for Singaporean nationals seeking employment in specialty occupations in the United States.

"H-2B" Seasonal Worker Visa

Designed for temporary or seasonal non-agricultural workers to fill positions that are not being filled by U.S. workers.

"H-3" Trainee Visa

Allows individuals to participate in a training program in the United States that is not primarily designed to provide employment.

"I" Foreign Media and Press Visa

Issued to representatives of the foreign media, including journalists, reporters, film crews, and other media professionals.

“J-1” Exchange Visitor Visa

Persons seeking to enter and remain in the United States in work-based or study-based exchange programs secure this visa. Examples of successful applicants include teachers, professors, physicians, researchers, students, au pairs, and interns and trainees across a wide range of industries. Such industries include healthcare, hotels and restaurants, resorts and amusement parks, schools, colleges and universities, and countless others.

"L-1A" and "L-1B" Intra-Company Transferee Visa

Facilitates the transfer of executives, managers, and employees with specialized knowledge from a foreign company to a U.S. branch, subsidiary, or affiliate.

"O-1" Extraordinary Ability Visa

Intended for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics.

"P-1" / "P-2" Entertainer and Athlete Visa

Allows internationally recognized athletes, entertainers, and entertainment groups to perform or compete in the United States.

"R-1" Religious Visa

Reserved for religious workers coming to the United States to perform religious duties or work in a religious organization.

"TN" Professional Under NAFTA Visa

Granted to Canadian and Mexican professionals under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to work in the United States in certain professional occupations.

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