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Founded in 2002, the Guerrero Law Firm has long been a leading immigration law firm in New York City. Serving corporate and individual clients across the globe, the Guerrero Law Firm offers comprehensive immigration solutions, customized to meet your individual needs.

Proud Descendants of Immigrants

Predominately staffed with first- and second-generation immigrants, we at the Guerrero Law Firm understand the immigration process is a personal journey.

Corporate Clients

We partner with our corporate ownership, in-house counsel, human resources team and employees to design and execute the unique immigration strategy required to deliver the right visa and green card solutions, while sensitive to costs and risk.

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Individuals and Families

We offer a wide array of individual and family-based services from U.S. citizenship and green cards, to waivers, asylum and deportation defense, to work, tourist, student and fiance visas.

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New York

Our new headquarters in New York City is located at 291 Broadway, one block north of Chambers Street, between Reade...
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Our northeast New Jersey satellite office is located in Bergen County, and conveniently serves our clients in New Jersey and upstate New...
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