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    About Attorney Rio Guerrero

    Meet Attorney Rio Guerrero

    Attorney Rio Guerrero is a distinguished figure, renowned for his unwavering commitment to solving complex immigration cases. With deep-rooted immigrant origins and a track record of creative solutions, Rio is your guide to a successful immigration journey.

    About Attorney Rio Guerrero

    A Proud Descendant of Immigrants

    Discover the inspiring journey and unwavering commitment of Attorney Rio Guerrero, a distinguished legal expert with deep understanding of the American immigrant experience in navigating complex U.S. immigration cases.
    Attorney Rio Guerrero’s immigrant journey guides his approach to immigration law.

    Over 25 years of experience crafting and accomplishing creative immigration solutions

    Annually-honored with the “Best Lawyers” and other national awards

    Our Law Firm

    Nationally-Awarded Best Law Firm

    Founded in 2002, the Guerrero Law Firm has long been a leading immigration law firm in New York City. Serving corporate and individual clients across the globe, the Guerrero Law Firm offers comprehensive immigration solutions, customized to meet your individual needs.
    Serving clients worldwide, Guerrero Law Firm combines national expertise with a global perspective
    Our firm's record of success is reflected in numerous accolades and awards.
    Attorney Rio Guerrero is also available on alt for a scheduled virtual meeting.

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