Outstanding Filipino Americans in New York – Oct 29, 2013

Outstanding Filipino Americans in New York – Oct 29, 2013

Rio Guerrero receives TOFA awardOn Saturday evening, October 26, 2013, partner Rio Guerrero received The Outstanding Filipino Americans in New York (TOFANY) award in the category of Public Service, at TOFANY’s annual awards event held in Carnegie Hall, Manhattan, New York. TOFANY recognized Rio for his over 15 years of pro bono legal service helping individuals and organizations in the Asian Pacific American community. During the on-stage ceremony, Rio proudly received his medal from the Honorable Judge Lorna G. Schofield of the Southern District of New York, and his award from Philippine Deputy Consul General Zaldy Patron.

Rio Guerrero receives TOFA award

As he took the podium, Rio thanked TOFANY, the attendees and awardees for their applause, joking that “when a lawyer walks into a full room, it isn’t often you’re greeted with applause. So, I really do appreciate it.” During his acceptance speech, Rio acknowledged that the evening’s awardees “would not be here today, if it were not for the help and sacrifices of so many who came before us — parents, teachers, and mentors. And, we will never be able to fully pay them back. But, we can pay it forward — to our community and those who will come after us.”

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