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Founded in 2002, the Guerrero Law Firm has long been a leading immigration law firm in New York City. Serving individual and corporate clients across the globe, the Guerrero Law Firm offers comprehensive immigration solutions, customized to meet your individual needs.

Predominately staffed with first- and second-generation immigrants, we at Guerrero Law understand the immigration process is a personal journey and empathize with our clients. We understand that no matter how many cases and clients our law firm is handling, you have only one case, your case, and it is the most important case in the world to you, your family, your business.

Guerrero Law maintains an up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge of the ever-changing U.S. immigration laws, delivering decades of experience and proven success to our clients and we believe in availability and responsiveness.

Our award-winning team is experienced and well-respected nationally, throughout the immigration bar. We are flexible and have the infrastructure to best serve the immigration needs of both individual and corporate clients.

For our corporate immigration clients, we limit potential risks and liabilities by meticulously mapping out employment strategies, for the immediate to mid and long-term. We partner with the corporate human resources department and in-house counsel to provide a personalized and smooth process for both the organization and the employee. We also have the flexibility and skill to review and revise existing strategies when business conditions change, sometimes suddenly and unexpectedly.

Through open communication, Guerrero Law works closely with individual, corporate and employee clients throughout their immigration process, answering all of their questions and addressing all of their concerns, from the early document and information gathering stages, through the application package build and filing, until the preparation and successful completion of their actual in-person immigration interviews.

Guerrero Law is built on providing the attention, responsiveness, empathy and expertise every individual immigrant and employee wants and deserves for their unique case.

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Rio Guerrero

Founding Principal
Attorney Rio Guerrero is renowned for over two decades of successfully representing companies, organizations, and individuals with complicated U.S. visa, work permit, and green card...
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The opportunities I have been fortunate enough to realize and those I create for my wife and children are the direct result of my parents’ brave decision to pick up their lives as professionals in the Philippines and immigrate to the U.S. I applaud my brave friends, family, clients, and colleagues who make this life-changing decision.
– Attorney Rio Guerrero