Tsui Yee Presenting on What Windsor Means for LGBT Immigrant Families – July 29, 2013

Tsui Yee Presenting on What Windsor Means for LGBT Immigrant Families – July 29, 2013

On Monday July 29, 2013, Partner Tsui Yee will be presenting at a training on LGBT immigration issues in a world without the Defense of Marriage Act, presented by Immigration Equality and the LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York (LeGal). Goldman Sachs is generously hosting the training.

To get CLE credit and to gain access to the building, you MUST register online with LeGal. http://le-gal.org/immigration-cle/

Please share with colleagues who may be interested.

Tsui Yee of Guerrero Yee LLP (guerreroyee.com) will be presenting at a training on LGBT Immigration in the wake of the Windsor decision.

In the wake of the historic Windsor decision, the landscape for LGBT binational couples has changed dramatically. The good news provided by the Supreme Court also raised a host of questions for our community members and the attorneys who assist them.  This program is aimed at providing an in-depth discussion of the specific impacts of the decision on the LGBT Community and equipping practitioners from all practice areas with the basics of green card applications.

The program will provide an overview of marriage-based applications for lawful permanent residence, including:

•    What are the steps in applying for a marriage-based “green card”?
•    What forms need to be filed?
•    What potential pitfalls should a practitioner watch for?
•    What happens at a “green card interview”?

The in-depth discussion of the LGBT-specific issues which may arise, will address such questions as:

•    What challenges may arise in proving bona fides in same-sex relationships?
•    What if a couple lives in a state that does not have marriage equality?
•    How will the DOMA ruling affect children?
•    Who will not benefit from the DOMA ruling?

Course Faculty

Victoria Neilson, Esq., Legal Director, Immigration Equality

Tsui Yee, Esq., Partner, Guerrero Yee LLP

CLE Credits: 2.0 credits overall (Areas of Professional Practice) (Transitional/Non-Transitional)

Cost: Complimentary

Location: Goldman Sachs, 200 West Street, New York, NY


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